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Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard

Merupakan sebuah seri conference camera dari Kandao dengan seri terjangkau yang pastinya akan memberikan pengalaman baru dalam mengikuti sebuah meeting online. Tak hanya itu, mic gain hingga 360° yang juga telah disempurnakan untuk menghilangkan kebisingan yang tidak diperlukan, seperti suara pulpen click, suara pintu dibuka, dan suara lainnya kecuali suara orang yang mengikuti meeting. Di lengkapi dengan 2 kamera beresolusi 4K yang juga telah disempurnakan oleh AI untuk memberikan tampilan detail dan jernih, auto speaker detection, hingga auto framing. Walau tanpa adanya Duplex Screen, unit seri standard ini masih memiliki kemampuan konektifitas yang handal untuk disambungkan keberagam perangkat display, seperti HDMI dan Wireless.

Fitur Unggulan :

  • Dual 4K HDR Capture
  • AI Face Detection and Tracking
  • Android OS
  • 360 Face Detection
  • 8 Omni-directional Mics
  • Hi-Fi Speaker
  • Multiple Conference Views
  • 360° Fully Cover

The New Standard in Video Conferencing


360° Fully Covered for Equal Conferencing

Fully cover the entire meeting room and capture in 360 degrees with two ultra-high-definition fisheye lenses. Capture from the center of lenses instead of the edge to avoid poor image quality. Perform clearly with fine details through intelligent noise reduction, wide dynamic range, exposure compensation, and auto white balance.


Follow the Speaker

With AI motion detection algorithm, the speaker is smartly tracked and auto-framed. No need to sit fixed in front of the camera, the speaker can stand up and walk around to give a presentation.


Get a Real-Time Feedback

A seamless conversation is achieved with powerful CPU, GPU, and NPU through stable transmission, precise human-face and voice detection, and low-latency tracking of whoever is speaking.

8-core CPU | 4-core GPU | 6-Tops NPU

Algorithm 4.0

AI Speaking Person Detection Algorithm 4.0

Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard features an upgraded AI Detection Algorithm 4.0 which can accurately localize and auto-frame the local meeting attendees, especially the active speaking person in ultra-low latency with 15-degree ultimate recognition. The active speaker is always highlighted and placed in the center focus for remote participants.

AI 4.0 Detection Algorithm | 15 degree Ultimate recognition


Your Idea is Well Conveyed and Heard

Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard has a full-duplex audio system composed of an eight-omnidirectional microphone array and a 10 Watt Hi-Fi speaker. This not only ensures a wide 5.5-meter-radius voice pickup range but also premium sound quality output for conveying clear messages in remote meetings. It is also available to mute by simply pressing the button.

8 microphones | 10 Watt Hi -Fi speaker | 5.5m radius voice pickup


Ambient Noise Cancellation

Even in noisy surroundings, voice can be well-conveyed with a brand-new AI noise reduction algorithm. Without affecting the clarity and quality of voices, it cancels distracting noises such as keyboard typing, car honking, doors opening and closing, chairs moving, pen clicking, and noise from other equipment, creating a focused meeting environment.

What Makes It Unique


Meeting Ultra Clear 4K with HDR

Wave goodbye to blurry image quality. Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard outputs streams at 4K 30FPS HDR video to get rid of over-exposed images even when conferencing near windows. The built-in noise reduction algorithm creates vivid and clear hybrid meeting experiences like never seen before.


Android OS

Built-in Operation System

Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard has a built-in Android OS with a friendly user interface where users can download video conferencing software directly onto the device, creating a perfect solution for hybrid collaboration.


Multiple Choices for Setup and Placement

USB mode

Connect Meeting Ultra Standard to your computer with a USB cable to start a hybrid collaboration with auto-framing.

Standalone mode

It’s a total conferencing solution with dual 4K lenses, a built-in operation system, an eight-microphone array, a Hi-Fi speaker, and dual 4K lenses. You are all set for a meeting.


Share the Screen through HDMI


Connect your computer to Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard through HDMI IN to share your computer screen.

Display in Different


Supports HDMI outputs to two external screens, so everyone can see clearly in a large space. Two external screens can display differently.


One-Step Screen Mirroring from Multi-Type Devices

Get rid of messy wires with built-in screen mirroring. Supporting Airplay and Miracast protocol means users can share screens from iOS devices, MacOS devices, Android devices, and Windows-system devices.

Adapt to Different Conference Situation


Smart Conference Views

Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard has three discussion modes for multi-attendee framing, main-speaker focusing, and all-attendee displaying. The panorama on top is optional to show all attendees. Under Gallery View and Speaker View, it can automatically adjust the view according to the detected number of attendees.


This discussion mode has seven boxes with a panorama on top. Six of those boxes show attendees separately while highlighting the speaking person in a larger box on the left.


AI algorithm selects up to a maximum of eight speakers and reframes them to equally show attendees. The panorama on top is optional.


Two 180-FOV (field of vision) panoramas are recorded by the two 195-degree lenses showing all attendees while minimizing distortion.

Manual Conference View Adjustment

Highlight a specified speaker by manually panning the main split-screen and zooming in after view-locking.

View | Pan | Zoom in/out

Optional Panorama on Top

The panorama on top is optional for showing all attendees.

Setup an Ignore Zone

You can mark an Ignore zone and adjust their range to disable auto-framing.

Conferencing with Your Platform of Choice

Zoom, Tencent Meeting, GotoMeeting, Skype, Teams, BlueJeans, DingTalk, Slack, Polycom, StarLeaf, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, and more.

Guarantee Your Data Security

Address Security

Don’t store IP address and location

Leave No Trace

Support one-step log out.

Prevent Information Leakage

Do not provide an open API.

Bluetooth Toggle

Bluetooth is available to be turned off.

Interfaces and Connection Ports

Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard has several interfaces and connection ports for different requirements. It has two HDMI-out, an HDMI-in, Wi-Fi, a RJ45 network port, and USB ports. It is flexible enough to adapt to various office space.

What’s More

Remote Controller

Users can power off the device through the remote controller, switch video conferencing software, change conference views, turn up/down volume, mute, or start local video recording.

Network Connection

From a connectivity standpoint, it can connect to any 5G hotspot to truly allow users to have conference meetings anywhere or connect through LAN for a ultra-low latency hybrid collaboration.

Wi-Fi 6 5GHz | 1Gbps Ethernet

Auto Power On

It can be set up to auto-start once plugged into the AC outlet. It’s convenient for controlling a hard-to-reach device.

Excellent connectivity

Kensington Security Lock

for preventing theft

¼ Screw Hole

for setting up on tables or tripod stands

Lens Cover

for privacy assurance and lenses protection

PoE Power Supply

Communication with the network while powering the device

Support External SD Card

to record local conferences

Main Device
Remote Controller
System RequirementsWindows 7 or later, MacOS 10.8 or later
Compatible PlatformsTeams, Zoom, Tencent Meeting, Google Meet, GotoMeeting, Skype, BlueJeans, DingTalk, Slack, Polycom, StarLeaf, Cisco Webex, and more
Resolution @ Frame Rate 3840*2160@30fps
Encoding FormatMJPEG / H264
QuantityEight Omni-directional beamforming microphones
Pickup Range5.5m
Acoustic Echo CancellationSupported
Voice EnhancementSupported
Noise CancellationSupported
Ports and Interfaces
USB CUSB Type C Out x 1:USB 3.1, connect to computer for transmitting audio/video (UVC/UAC)
USB Type C In x 1: for power supply
EthernetRJ45 x 1: Gigabit Ethernet port for wired network transmission, and PoE power supply
USB AUSB A x 3: for connect with peripherals, such as mouse and keyboard
HDMIHDMI OUT 2.1 x 2:Video output, displaying system interface
HDMI IN 2.0 x 1:HDMI 2.0, Video input for screen sharing from a computer
Wi-Fi2.4G + 5G,Wi-Fi 6
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
Device Lock Holefor Kensington Security Lock
Screw Hole1/4 inch
System Memory64G
Micro SD CardSupport FAT32 and exFat format. (Up to 1TB)
Power Supply
AdapterInput: AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.45A max
Output: DC 15V 3A
PoESupport IEEE802.3bt; 44-58V 1A
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